Winning short film


(Queensland – Australia)
They said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.. My decision to come here on the Gold Coast to study and work was really worthwhile. When I first came here I realized how different the Gold Coast is, and I said to myself I could live here forever. I was ravished by the beauty of this Town.
 Waking up to an early morning on the Gold coast is something magical, the quietness from the hassle and basal of city life, listening to the splashing of the waves and the whispering of the wind as the waves spread onto the perfect velvet sand carpet is breathtaking.
Even after an exhausted day at work, one look at that magical ocean, gives you that energy and makes you feel like you just woke up.
Life here is different, it slowly comes alive with people enjoying the sun, giving that tropical illusion of freedom and the beauty of nature combined together. The Gold Coast has endless attractions, restaurants, brilliant beaches and dozens of theme parks.. Walking on the Coast i like the fact that almost everywhere you can see water canals. You can meet a lot of people, tourists who come here from all over the world. There also activities for everyone like sports surfing,, ski-ing.
The Gold Coast is a combination of a city and a country town at the same time.
At night it’s a different story .Buildings light up the Gold Coast, technology takes over, it becomes a city of neon lights.(What man has accomplished is something to think about.)But as I look out into the night, listening to the echoing waves splash, reflections of the city lights on the blacken ocean give shades of light grey and mirror images of the sky light up, giving a mystical feeling and thinking how lucky I am to be here on the Gold Coast , that’s what people be happy.